[Recording] The power of map parts to easily create mind maps [Expresso]

Have you ever used the map parts available in MindManager? Do you know the benefits you can get by using them and where you can find them?

MindManager comes with many useful features including the map parts. Map parts are a set of map templates that you can simply use by dragging and dropping them into your mind map. With more than 50 different and ready-to-use map parts, you can utilise them in many situations: meeting notes, meeting agenda, brainstorming, analysis, budgeting, problem definition and benchmarking, etc.

Watch our short webinar and discover:

  • The advantages of the map parts
  • How to use them and in which situations
  • How to create new map parts tailored to your needs
  • How to edit them

Gain in effective speed in your daily use of MindManager with the map parts.

Product: MindManager for Windows
Audience: MindManager users, from Beginner level
Speaker: Teodora Gonzalez, Mindjet Consultant

Watch here. 

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