On-Demand Webinar

New timeline diagrams: how to create and use them in your work situations [March 2017]

Join Dr. Steven Bashford (Director Technical Services EMEA), as he shares how to create a new type of timeline diagram and use it in different work scenarios.

Beyond interactive mind maps, org charts, workflow diagrams and concept maps, we’ve added in MindManager 2017 for Windows a brand new diagram type: Timelines.

Clearly illustrate product roadmaps, key project milestones, and launch plans with the new dynamic Timeline layouts – available in vertical or horizontal accordingly to your individual requirements.

Use powerful features like filtering to produce custom views, the marker index for easy navigation, the task information for scheduling or the budgeting tools for calculation.

Date: March 2017
Duration: 1 hour (including a Q&A session)
Speaker: Dr. Steven Bashford, Director Technical Services EMEA

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