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Self-organisation: How to Get Organised at Work and Manage Interruptions [October 2015]

When you arrive at work in the morning, everything is structured; you have a good overview of all the tasks you’d like to manage during the day and your objectives are clear. But once you start your first task, the phone starts ringing, one of your colleagues comes to your desk to ask you a “quick” question, and an email comes up with a top-priority level… The result: you’ve lost your focus and you are trapped in an unintentional task switching, which eats up your time and energy. How can you get back the control of your day? How can you keep track of your tasks with the many unpredictable events and interruptions that happen during the day? How can you reach your daily objectives? The solution is MindManager. Whether you want to schedule your tasks, record your meetings or you want to edit your documents or work on your business plan, you can use mind maps and benefit from its flexibility and advanced features to keep your tasks under control.

Watch our webinar to see how mind maps can help you organised yourself and get the most out of your working day.

Date: October 2015
Speaker: Teodora Gonzalez, Mindjet Consultant

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