Web Diagram: The Ultimate Guide to Using Web Diagrams

Do you have a great idea but need a way to help you visualize what it may look like? Or do you need to kickstart your brain by hashing out some ideas in a visual format? A web diagram may be a great mapping tool for you.

What is a web diagram?

A web diagram can take many different formats, but its chief purpose is to help someone organize their thoughts. It is used to help connect ideas with each other with the ultimate goal of seeing the whole picture laid out in front of you. Web diagrams are commonly used in the brainstorming stage to help visualize different ideas.

How to make a web diagram

A common web diagram has a bubble in the middle with some topic written inside it. There are then lines coming off the middle bubble that connect to other bubbles surrounding the main one. In the adjoining bubbles, you would write ideas that connect to the main idea.

For example, let's say you are researching frogs. The word "frogs" would go in the center bubble. In the bubbles surrounding it, you could write things like "amphibious," "jump well," "croaks," and "bulging eyes." That is a simple example but can be applied to anything.

You can also use web diagrams to help break down a large topic into smaller topics. For instance, if your big topic is "How to improve the business," it would go into the middle bubble. You would then draw lines out to three or four other bubbles and fill them with sub-ideas. For example, you may fill in one bubble as "Higher Profit." Then, you would branch even more bubbles off the "Higher Profit" bubble, where you would list ideas for how to make more money.

Web diagram software

Put in a Google search to try to find a web diagram maker, and you are likely to see a host of them. Some are better than others, however, and MindManager is one of the best. You can use MindManager to create your web diagram along with many other visual maps. This means you can get a wide variety of visual maps in one place.

MindManager is hailed as the world's number one visual mapping software for business. This is because you can create many different visual maps that can help improve your business. The maps on MindManager can help you solve issues within your business and help you come to decisions to help you moving forward.

There are many reasons you should use MindManager, but here are a few specific ones.

  • Great for project planning and management
  • Allows powerful sharing via HTML5
  • You can integrate with apps like Asana, Google Docs, Box, or OneDrive.
  • Convenience: It is easy to quickly store, retrieve, and share any MindManager files you created.
  • Visuals. You can find over 700 topic images in the Image Library that you can use.


A web diagram is a great tool if you need a visual way to display information to see how it all connects. It can help you see and make additional connections on any topic you choose. Web diagrams can also help you break large ideas into smaller ones to make them easier to tackle.

There are several web diagram makers out there, but using MindManager will be your best bet. It will give you access to making a web diagram along with many other types of visual maps.

If you need help creating a web diagram, MindManager is here to help. Download it today.

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