Family tree maker: Building a family tree with MindManager

Family Tree Maker

Why is creating a family tree important?

For many generations, documenting family lineage has been considered an essential task.

That’s because creating a family tree can be a powerful tool for understanding your personal history as it helps to link your present to your past.

It’s often viewed as more than just a genealogical record; it's a way of preserving memories and strengthening bonds between generations.

Through family trees, we can look back into our family histories and uncover stories from our parents, grandparents, and even further into the past.

With modern technology and tools such as ancestry websites and mapping software like MindManager, creating a family tree has become much simpler than before.

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9 steps to creating a family tree using a MindManager template

Using MindManager’s free tree diagram template, you can then create a personalized family tree.

Follow these nine simple steps:

  1. Sign in to your MindManager account.

    Step 1
  2. Choose from one of the MindManager templates.

    For this example, we’ll choose the hierarchical tree diagram template.

    Step 2
  3. Start with the first known family members.

    Step 3
  4. Place these family members at the top of your diagram.

    Tree diagrams are hierarchical, so you should always start with the oldest family member and work your way toward the present day.

  5. Create the first branches of your family tree.

    Then, start filling in the children, siblings, and family members from the initial ancestors using data from family history websites.

    Step 5
  6. Keep adding branches to your tree.

    Add more family members from your first layer of branches and continue branching off until you reach the present day.

  7. Make adjustments as your family grows.

    For example, tweak and adjust your family tree diagram if new members are added to your family structure.

    MindManager has an extensive image library you can use, with over 700 topic images, icons, and symbols to add to your diagram.

    Step 9
  8. Share your findings with your family.

  9. Distribute and present your family tree diagram to your family members. Allow them to add documents, information, or photographs that they may have.

    To do so, simply click ‘file’ and then ‘export’ to save it as a HTML5 Interactive Map, Word Document, Image/PDF, or a Text/Outline.

Why choose MindManager to create your family tree? 

When you utilize MindManager’s tree diagram templates to create your family tree, you ensure the process will be as simple as possible.

Using MindManager’s features, you and your entire family can work together to structure and populate your ancestral tree.

Moreover, MindManager makes it easy to preserve your tree for future generations.

It can be kept up to date as the years go on, making it easy to review and adjust whenever necessary without ever having to start over.

What is a family tree diagram?

A family tree diagram is a visual representation that shows the relationship between family members, including stepparents, grandparents, siblings, and other relatives.

Often, family tree diagrams start with the earliest known family members, and then branch out to show descendants using lines and boxes.

Can I collaborate with others on my family tree with MindManager? 

Yes, MindManager makes it easy to collaborate with other family members or users.

Each family tree diagram gets a dynamic web link that can be updated anytime and is optionally password protected.

Moreover, family members and other users can easily co-edit your diagram in real time, so you can watch your family tree take flight right before your eyes.

Is MindManager compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems?

MindManager is available on Windows, Mac, and any device that uses Microsoft Teams. In addition, MindManager works across devices, so you and your family can seamlessly collaborate on your project.

Use MindManager as your family tree maker

Creating a family tree is more than just documenting your history. It’s a way to ensure your immediate and extended family always stay connected.

By using MindManager to create and customize your family tree, you can ensure your family tree is available to you whenever you need it.

Ready to use MindManager as your own family tree maker? Try MindManager free for 30 days.

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