Visual mapping: A guide to visualizing your idea

Visual mapping

What is visual mapping?

Visual mapping is an image of an idea — a network of suggestions and options that spreads out from an original word or phrase.

Using a main idea and then branching out into smaller, related topics allows people to see complex information in a better, more comprehensive way.

Rather than trawling back through rough notes and sentences, everything under your main idea is ordered in a much more structured way that allows you to retrace tangents and other ideas without getting confused.

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How to make a visual map with MindManager

A visual map starts with a central, key idea at the heart of it. Maybe you’re trying to solve a particular problem, or you have an idea for a project, and you want to explore what possibilities are open to you.

To create a visual map with MindManager:

  1. Sign in to your MindManager account.

    Make a web diagram - step 1
  2. Choose from one of the MindManager templates. For this example, we are choosing the decision tree template.  

    Make a web diagram - step 2
  3. Write the first idea. Begin with writing that first idea in the center of the page. This will be the starting point. For example, let’s say we’re answering the question “Should our design team switch software?”

    Make a web diagram - step 3
  4. Write a related idea close to it. Next, draw a branch connecting to it and add or illustrate a thought or idea related to it. This is a visualization of a simple train of thought from one idea or concept to another related idea or concept. 

  5. Follow the branch all the way. Keep doing this along various tangents, connecting each thought to the previous one.

  6. Branch out in other ways. If you have two or more thoughts connected to the previous one, that’s when you should add a  branch. Extend the map in different directions with branches moving from these new branches and from the original idea as well.  

    Make a web diagram - step 6

Why use MindManager for your visual map

MindManager is a visual mapping tool that lets you create high-quality, clear visual maps in just seconds in the cloud or on your desktop.

MindManager's key benefits include:

  • User-friendly, intuitive interface.
  • Extensive image library with over 700 topic images, icons, and symbols to add to your tree diagrams.
  • Convenient file storage, retrieval, and sharing.
  • Powerful integrations with file storage apps like Box and OneDrive.
  • Google Docs integration via Zapier.
  • Numerous templates, tools, and features to facilitate brainstorming and strategic planning.
  • A G Chrome extension — MindManager Snap — to easily collect and import text, links, and images from the web.
  • Ability to add rich data — links, images, and documents — directly to your diagrams and charts.

By building your visual map in a tool like MindManager you will be able to keep track of it, make it clear and easy to follow without needing to worry about others understanding messy handwriting or mistakes, and easily share it with people that need to see it.

Keep your thoughts tidy, concise, and structured in a way that will have you thank yourself later in the project process.

Turn your ideas into plans with visual maps

Visual maps are valuable for sketching out a rough idea in a way that makes it easy for you to refer back to later.

Unlike linear pages and bullet points, visual maps are straightforward and simple to follow, with trains of thought that are clearly connected and branching from a central starting point.

Communicate your vision through visual mind mapping with MindManager. Get started with MindManager for free!

Visualize more with MindManager

Creating visual maps in MindManager is easy and intuitive. Simply choose a pre-made template and follow our steps for making an idea map. To get started, try MindManager free for 30 days.

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